concluded between: 

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as data subject (hereinafter referred to as “Data Subject“) 


Association of Japanese Entrepreneurs in Hungary
seat: 1025 Budapest, Csévi utca 7/b
tax number: 18244607-2-41
represented by: FUJITA Junro, Chairman

as controller (hereinafter referred to as “Controller”)

collectively referred to as the Parties
on the date and at the place stated below and under the following terms and conditions 

  1. The Parties state that Controller is committed to protect the Data Subject’s personal data responsibly and in compliance with applicable privacy and data protection laws. This Agreement sets out how Controller processes the personal data obtained from the Data Subject.
  2. The Parties agree that Controller processes certain personal data of the Data Subject where there is a legitimate interest to do so in connection with Controller’s operation.
  3. The list regarding what personal data of the Data Subject the Controller may process can be found in Appendix 1 to this Agreement.
  4. Purposes of the personal data’s process
    • The Controller only processes the Data Subject’s personal data for the purpose of managing its operations including the following reasons:
      • a) Operational reason: The management of activities of the Controller, schedule some programs, announcing events programs, compiling audit and other reports.
      • b) Security management: Maintaining the security of the Controller-held information and devices. Activities for this purpose include safeguarding IT infrastructure, office equipment and other property, managing network security and preventing network security and preventing data loss, using automated technologies to identify malicious data on the equipment or networks, implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk and introducing adequate measures for avoiding cyber-security risks.
      • c) The Controller shall process Data Subject’s personal data for compliance with legal and regulatory obligations to which it is subject, including complying with applicable tax, or social security’s legislation, reporting obligations; conducting audits and investigations in order to complying with authorities’
      • d) The Controller shall not process the Data Subject’s personal data for any other purposes incompatible with the purposes described in this Agreement, unless it is required or authorized by law, or is based on the Data Subject’s freely given
  5. The Parties agree that the Controller publishes Data Subject’s personal data listed in Appendix 1 on an internal directory.
  6. The Controller shall only grant access to Data Subject’s personal data listed in Appendix 1 within its organization to the Controller’ Chairman and the persons authorized by him. Parties agree that Controller shall only grant access to Data Subject’s personal data listed in Appendix 1 on a case-by case- basis to a third party (hereinafter referred to as: external party) and such access will be limited to the personal data that is necessary to perform the function for which such access is granted.The Parties agree that the Chairman of Controller’s member organization qualifies as external party.
  7. The Parties agree that Data Subject’s rights regarding the process of his/her personal data are set forth in Appendix 1 to this Agreement.
  8. The Controller covenants that it maintains appropriate physical, procedural, administrative, organizational, and technical security measures intended to prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, or modification of Data Subject’s personal data processed by the Controller.
  9. The Controller retains Data Subject’s personal data not longer than it is allowed under the applicable data protection laws and regulations, in any case, no longer than such personal data are necessary for the purpose for processing personal data.
  10. The Data Subject, after having read and understood this Agreement, check the box. (Checking the box signifies consent to the terms and conditions.) Data Subject expressly agrees that his/her personal data shall be processed by the Controller under this Agreement.


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